Top 3 Structures That Every Playground Needs In 2024

Top 3 Structureas That Every Playground Needs In 2024 | fun abounds

Play is taking an innovative turn in 2024, but is still more fun than ever! By incorporating electronic play, customizable rope play, and fitness activities into your kids playground, you are bringing new, exciting challenges for children of all ages to develop their skills. MOVMNT by BCI Burke, Berliner’s Vario, and TrekFit’s Stone Builders are 3 play structures hitting the market in 2024 that every playground should incorporate into play!


MOVMNT by BCI Burke is an electronic game that is powered by you. Its groundbreaking design uses your energy to power up the game. You can dive into the numerous game options from single-player to multi-player and individual achievement to team spirit. MOVMNT fosters healthy competition and determination. Offering an inclusive option, shown above, BCI Burke ensures that everyone can play and be challenged while working together.

Vario by Berliner

Berliner’s Vario is a customizable rope playground equipment structure that will be the highlight of your playground! Rope play has been a staple in playground design as it offers users the unique opportunity to nurture creativity and imaginative outlets, while the inherent obstacles within the structure stimulates coordination. Another benefit of integrating a Berliner rope structure is you will not have to forfeit any sightline in your setting; the transparent illusion of rope allows the natural landscape to shine. 

Why the Vario? Aside from being a new 2024 option, It’s manufactured here in the United States, this greatly reduces the lead time to have your custom structure on-site as opposed to some of the German-manufactured options. 

Stone Boulders by TrekFit

Fun should be had by all, and integrating fitness structures is a great way to reach visitors of any age! TrekFit’s new collection offers great options that keep architectural design at the forefront. 

The 2024 additions include in-ground trampolines and slacklines that offer both beauty and durability to your public spaces; however, our must have is the new Stone Boulders climbing structures. Inspired by Stonehenge, these urban climbers boast a hefty challenge in a small footprint. Five configurations within the collection allow the pieces to work individually or as a collective structure. Regardless of the size of your park, these pieces are going to offer aesthetics and activity in abundance

Contact us to learn more about adding one of these play structures to your kids playground or recreation space!

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