How Safe is Your Playground?

How Safe is Your Playground? | fun abounds

Do you ever wonder how safe the playgrounds your children play on are? Over the past couple decades, schools and communities have been working to make playgrounds as safe as possible, replacing metal with plastic and taking necessary precautions to make sure kids are safe. Unfortunately, not all playgrounds have been updated to the same […]

Everyone’s Included: The Benefits of Inclusive Playgrounds

Everyone’s Included: The Benefits of Inclusive Playgrounds | fun abounds

Recess and play are an important part of childhood development. When children are playing, they are able to progress language, symbolic thinking, social skills, and motor skills. Children who engage in free play are healthier and have higher self-esteem. These affects can be seen in all children, so it is important that play structures accommodate […]

New Minds in the Making: The Importance of Recess and Play in Education

If you ask young students what their favorite course in school is, many will enthusiastically respond with “recess!” Unfortunately, many schools have found themselves cutting recess in the past decade due to budget cutbacks and the focus on academic standardized test scores. Studies in recent years, however, have shown just how important play and recess […]