A Blog of My Own: A Message from fun abounds’ President Leigh Walden

A Blog of My Own: A Message from fun abounds' President Leigh Walden | fun abounds

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so they say, but I’m giving this blog thing a try. Although not new to fun abounds, this is my first attempt.

I cannot think of a better industry to be a part of. We spend our days making communities better for kids, and, in reality, better for everyone. Parks provide a needed and important relief from the screen, from homework and from the indoors in general. That’s what we get to do for a living. Knowing this certainly makes even the bad days good!

The industry has changed so much over the last 12 years, but in some ways it’s still the same. I’ve seen trends come and go and come back again. One manufacturer tries it, then the next and the cycle continues. We certainly have leaders and followers. And, some followers have transitioned into leaders.

The playground world has caught the eye of investors. What were originally independent firms and equipment manufacturers have been combined under one corporate umbrella in many instances. I imagine that makes for interesting days among the sales reps, although they all seem to be getting along rather well.

And getting along is what this industry does. Even competitors are best friends because it’s hard to mind competition when you are doing good work in a community. Yes, we are competitive to keep our businesses afloat, but when the outcome is a smiling, happy kiddo, I’m just happy and thankful that a playground is the reason.

My plan is to hammer out specific topics, update you on trends and products, and probably brag a bit about what we do at fun abounds. So, I hope you’ll check back and join me on my new adventure.

Take care,


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